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Experience one of the most outstanding historical retreats in the tropics, a place where you find yourself lured by the island’s enchanting history and the majestic beauty of its surroundings.

Maduru Oya National Park

Established in 1983, Maduru Oya National Park is both a nature sanctuary and a catchment area for five large reservoirs. A community of Vedda people, the indigenous ethnic group of Sri Lanka, live within the park boundary at Henanigala. Many ancient sites and earthworks are located within the park, and ruins of Buddhist shrines, temples, dagobas, statues and hermitages are to be found at several sites. The landscape is distinctive because of its highly weathered rock outcrops and ridges, and there are a long range of rocky mountains in the southwest of the park, which is 288 kilometres northeast of Colombo.

Wasgamuwa National Park

Wasgamuwa National Park dates back to 1938 when it was designated a nature reserve; an area of riverine forests and grasslands. This is one of few protected areas where large herds of elephants can be seen and also one of the most important bird areas in Sri Lanka. Sudu Kanda or White Mountain is the highest point, at 470 metres. In addition to the abundance of wildlife, the park has many archaeological remains, including ancient water tanks and irrigation canals, and the site of a former battleground. The park is situated 225 kilometres away from Colombo.