Discover some of the most popular spa treatments in Sri Lanka, at the Amaya Bungalow spa. Enjoy the delightful feeling of being well groomed as you treat yourself to a range of nail care treatments. Have your nails trimmed, painted and polished to perfection during your exotic vacation!


Pamper your hands with a refreshing hand scrub and a soothing manicure experience, designed to offer your hands total nourishment.

  • 60 minutesLKR 4,500

Treat your feet to a sea salt scrub and a comforting pedicure. We offer you the ultimate relaxing experience to totally revitalize your feet.

  • 60 minutes LKR 4,500

Choose from a wide range of vibrant colours and glowing polish to have your nails painted beautifully at our spa.

  • 30 minutesLKR 2,000