Local Temperature : 83 °F / 28 °C

Onsite Activities

Set out to explore the forested grounds by bike. Watch the sun set over the lake as you jog along the shaded pathways. Enjoy a thrilling day of outdoor games. Through it all, bask in the warm embrace of this cherished hotel, abound with opportunities, year-round sunshine and full-time recreation staff.

Unforgettable Events

Create a meaningful, memorable celebration or event at Amaya Hills and have the peace of mind that comes from working with a dedicated staff that is eager to carry out everything to perfection. Whether it’s a small executive gathering or over a hundred attendee conference, Amaya Hills is geared to cater to both.

Bird Watching

At Amaya Hills, we’d like to encourage our guests to explore the natural splendour of this beautiful hill country. What better way than to set off on an adventurous trek through the Hanthana mountain range and catch a glimpse of the feathered kind. Capture these glorious creatures in their natural habitat as you traverse along winding pathways lined with lush, stately trees.

Le Garage Nightclub

The Le Garage Nightclub, reminiscent of a garage with glow lighting, shimmer screens, bus silhouettes, car frontiers, spare parts and wire-adorned walls, technicolor lights and the latest sound equipment is ideal to dance the night away with the best of music in a one of a kind venue.

Palm Reading

Our expert palm reader will reveal your future by glancing over the creases in your palm. Each line represents a special characteristic such as romantic prospects, marriage life, career success, intellectualism and major life changes.

Leisure Activities

A stay at Amaya Hills is about discovering the essence of heritage living – the power of culture, history and nature. Although most of our guests come to relax in privacy, there are others who spend their time exploring the local region.