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Indulge, relax and bask in the restorative therapy of nature as you revitalize your senses and renew your spirit at Amaya Hills’ exclusive Ayurvedic spa – Pancha Karma. Nestled amidst the cool climes of this beautiful hill country, Pancha Karma offers a nurturing and traditional experience, replete with treatments that have been passed down through generations.

Body Treatments

Restore the firmness of your muscles with revitalizing therapies, designed to increase circulation and create natural radiance for every skin type.

Facial Treatments

Indulge in a magical combination of rich, natural ingredients designed to offer you flawless, radiant complexion


Revel in the deep relaxation of a rejuvenating message, using herbally-infused oils to melt your tensions away.

Wellness Offerings

Discover a holistic experience through the traditional practice of Ayurveda and find your inner self.

Signature Treatments

Inspired by the resort's stunning nature, the treatments offered at this charming retreat are designed to ease away your tension and provide you with a blissful experience.

Treatment Packages

Allow yourself to be taken away with sensuous treatments as you celebrate total well-being with the help of our skilled therapists and trained consultants.


Experience a rejuvenating haven at Amaya Hills, a place to restore and harmonize energies.