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Body Treatments


This is a complete body massage using selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils. It provides immense relaxation for fatigue and provides relief for muscle aches. The massage is followed by a cleansing herbal bath.

1 Hour
LKR 7,200

Herbal Oil Body Treatment

This complete body massage uses selected Ayurvedic medicinal oils and provides immense relaxation for fatigue and offers relief for muscle aches. This is followed by a purifying herbal steam and a herbal bath.

1 Hour and 30 Minutes
LKR 8,700

Full Body Massage & Pinda Sveda

This consists with a complete body massage and a full body fomentation treatment with medicated herbal sacs which are made out of herbal leaves and seeds. This treatment beneficial for body aches and weaknesses.

1 Hour
LKR 9,000

Full Body Udvarthana Treatment

Udvarthana refers a body scrubbing method which is done with herbal powders. Herbal steam and herbal bath is done after the treatment. It promotes activeness of flowing blood and cause to recondition the body. Reducing excessive fat is one of the significant benefits in cases of obesity. It leads to soften the skin and exfoliates the dead skin cells and at the same time makes the skin glow.

1 Hour
LKR 9,000

*Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice. All above prices are inclusive of service charge + VAT.