Amaya Hunas falls is located at an elevation of approx. 870m above sea level, the atmospheric temperature varies between 17 to 24 degree Celsius, with a refreshing cold breeze at all times.  Situated at the foot of the Hunasgiriya Mountain  and right on the knuckles mountain range, which is the continuation of the knuckles slope extending towards the Matale range of mountains.

The hotel premises stretches for aprox. 112 acres of land providing plenty hiking/trekking trails of various difficult levels. The main hiking trails that can be reached from the hotel as follows.


If you are looking for something a little different and off the beaten track, then consider a night walk in hunas falls. We offer you the opportunity of immersing in the beauty and splendor of nature bathed in moon light while seeing nocturnal animals in natural settings.

Duration – 2 hour


Named after the fastest moving bird on the earth drifting across the sky with piercing shrill call, the Shaheen Falcon. This mountain peak is one of only two nesting spots in Sri Lanka for the Shaheen Falcon. You will be able to reach the top of Shaheen mountain where you will get a panoramic view of the area similar to what you will see at worlds end, view of the Kandy /Matale towns, Hanthana/Knuckles ranges, Bible Rock, Adam’s peak and the Dumbara valley rich with paddy fields and home gardens.

There are about 30 species of mammals have been recorded around the Hunas Falls and you can see some of them while you are walking on Shaheen trail.

This is a 3km round trip and it will take you to do 1 ½ to 2 hours depending how much you want to spend. This is an easy trekking and ideal for short distance hikers.


This route passes through a rainforest area frequented by monkeys and numerous birds. The trail reaches the village of Pudukadu, where you can see a small Hindu Temple. A series of stairs leads to the crest of a hill with spectacular views. The trail ends at the ruins of a mid-nineteenth century villa built by a British planter. This route
probably offers more breathtaking vistas than any other trail in the area

Duration – 4 hours.
Distance – 8km round trip


The path to Sembuwatta Lake passes through a couple of villages and a variety of ecosystems, including forests, grasslands, and tea estates. Monkeys, barking deer, lizards, and various birds often appear along the trail. The trail ends at tranquil Sembuwatta Lake. Numerous bird species, particularly fish eagles and cormorant visit this scenic location. Ask our helpful dining service to prepare a bag lunch that you can enjoy on the lakeshore!

Duration – 6 hours.
Distance – 10km round trip



This trail leads up from the lake, past upper Hunas Falls and right in to the tea plantation. Cross the creek, then go along the path along the terraced hill side. Cross the  creek again, go past a line house, and then further uphill. The trail loops back down to the creek.

Duration – 1 hour
Distance – 3km round trip



Go up from the lake past upper Hunas Falls. Continue through the grassland. When you reach the road, turn right on to the unpaved section. Follow the road for five  minutes, and then turn right in to the trail leading in to the tea plantations. Savor the spectacular views and then return the way you came.

Duration – 1 hour
Distance – 2km round trip



This Loop begins at the lake. It winds up past upper Hunas Falls, and then takes a sharp right at the ridge. The rout then leads across a creek and in to the tea plantation of Hunasgiriya Estate. Turn right at the road, which winds downhill past a couple shivalingas under a large tree. These stone sculptures have functioned as fertility symbols in South Asia for thousands of years. Passing the Hindu Temple on the right, the road passes through part of the village and then leads to hotel service entrance.

Duration – 1 hour
Distance – 2km round trip



This trail will start from the hotel and will lead up to the Hunasgiriya estate where the spices are cultivated, where you will be able to experience the spice process from  cultivation to harvest.

Duration – 1 hour
Distance – 2km round trip



This trail explores the hill side grassland ecosystems for frequented by barking deer. The path crosses several streams where you can see frogs and fresh water crabs. Small
patches of forest offer the chance of sighting jungle birds. Nearly the entire route features spectacular views of the tea estate.

Duration – 3 hours
Distance – 6km round trip



The trail is between 4-5 hours and will take you through a tea plantation with beautiful landscape and panoramic vistas. The walk starts from the hotel and proceeds to upper hills of Hunasgiriya village.

Duration – 4 hour
Distance – 4km round trip



This trek will give the traveller a close view of five waterfalls within the Hunasgiriya mountain range. The trail will lead you through the Hunasgiriya mountain range and small villages within the Hunasgiriya tea plantation. This foot path commonly used by the villagers to get to the hamlet of Elkaduwa.

Duration – 6 hour
Distance – 6km round trip



Mist-clad Hunasgiriya towers over Hunas Falls. The mountain forms part of the Knuckles Range, which UNESCO has designated a World Heritage Site due to its  outstanding biodiversity. Those who venture up the mountain may see the Purplefaced Leaf Monkey, endemic to Sri Lanka (found nowhere else in the world). Only
physically strong visitors should undertake this strenuous hike. Those who venture up the mountain will be rewarded with an experience of primeval rainforest and
breathtaking views from the 1500 m summit.

Duration – 6 hours.
Distance – 12km round trip