Set your adventurous spirit free as you enjoy a range of activities from diving excursions to saving coral gardens with the Coral Replanting Project, at one of the most iconic Maldives holiday resorts. Speed through the waters on a Jet Ski as the sea adds perfect colour to your vacation!

Coral Replanting Project

When you join our coral frame sponsorship programme we’ll make and transplant your frame and let you monitor its progress. On your next visit, we’ll take you on a snorkelling tour to show your coral frame. For details visit


Explore through spectacular dive sites such as Kuda Rah Thila and observe the enchanting creatures of the deep, such as grey reef sharks, Napoleon fish as well as sea turtles.

Jet ski

Treat yourself to the most exhilarating experience with the sea spray refreshing your face as you speed around the Amaya Kuda Rah Island on a jet ski. This adrenaline pumping water sport is ideal for adventure seekers.

Stand up paddle boarding

As the golden sun bronzes your shoulders and the crisp, salty breeze flows around you, enjoy a stand up paddle boarding experience in these tropical ocean waters.


Kayak your way through the stunning waters of the Maldives and make your way to the popular diving sites with your partner or guide. Explore the secrets of the islands at a slow and gentle pace.

Banana boat

Cue fits of laughter and exciting screams as you enjoy a thrilling ride on a banana boat as it skims and breaks through the sea waters while being pulled by a speedboat!


Be prepared to embark on the most exhilarating ride of your life! As you sit snugly in an inflatable tube, a speedboat will take you away on an unforgettable adventure across crashing, foaming, wild waves.