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Special Events

Let the shimmering lake and rustling trees set the ambiance for your event. At Amaya Lake, every event is a time of joy and celebration. Revel in the romantic atmosphere at the well-lit pool side as you sit back and watch traditional dancers usher in nightfall to the sounds of Sri Lanka music. Find yourself in awe as the dancers expertly swirl fiery batons in the air, igniting the atmosphere with traditional music.

Indulge in the succulent taste of grilled lake fish and enjoy a private dinner at the Barbecue Terrace. Savour an intimate get-together with your loved ones as you sip on a delicious cocktail. Whether you are hosting a lavish event or an intimate gathering, Amaya Lake presents a soothing setting for a memorable experience.

Special events at Amaya Lake include:

• Cocktail get-togethers at the garden, pool deck, bar lounge or along the lake
• Cultural Show with traditional performers and fire dances every Friday
• Private BBQ with entertainment (for in-house guests)
• Private garden parties (for in-house guests)
• Exhibitions at the garden
• DJs and live music performances upon request in private (for in-house guests)