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Explore the island’s villages, discover its ancient temples and celebrate its artistic traditions – including dance, sculpture, painting and music.


Recognized as one of the most frequented attractions in Dambulla, the enigmatic Cave Temple of Dambulla is an awe-inspiring sight and is safely hidden away in the shadow of a magnificent cave complex. Admire the beauty of no less than 153 statues of Lord Buddha or feast your eyes on various religious paintings and statues of kings and Hindu gods.


Majestic and bold in its natural shape and sheer size, this enormous fort is virtually impenetrable due to the location it's placed at. Behold the intricate frescoes that can be admired on the rock walls of the fortress. Once at the summit, you will have the pleasure of enjoying panoramic views that stretch for miles.


Polonnaruwa is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, brimming with a number of attractions from preserved ruins to restored ancient irrigation reservoirs. Bearing witness to several civilizations, the city's cultural monuments offer a unique look into Sri Lanka's history, enlightening travellers with the legends and tales of the island's sovereigns.


Recognized as the cradle of Buddhist civilization in Sri Lanka, Anuradhapura is one of the archaeological wonders in the world. Home to some of the most awe-inspiring structures, it is home to three of the largest stupas of the ancient world - the Ruwanweliseya, the Jethawanaramaya and the Abhayagiriya.


This wildlife sanctuary is home to hundreds of wild elephants and allows guests to enjoy close encounters with them. During the dry months of August and October you can witness the greatest Elephant Gathering on the shores of the reservoir where over 300 elephants come together to find water.