Located 12km away from the Habarana town you will find the majestic Ritigala mountain standing 766m above sea level. The Ritigala mountain is the tallest in the north-central dry plains of Sri Lanka.


The mountain is home to 70 or more rock caves that were believed to have been inhabited as early as the 1st century BC. According to history Ritigala was said to be a sanctuary for kings at war against invaders in the 7th century.

The caves have inscriptions that prove what was once a sanctuary gradually became a monastic retreat for hermit monks, and that a monastery was built on the mountain which was later abandoned in the 12th century.

What you will see today on your adventure to discover the wonders of the Ritigala mountain, are the ancient ruins of the monastery built by the Sri Lankan King, Sena the 1st. These ruins have been preserved and are overlooked by the Archeological Department of Sri Lanka.