The Untold Story About Pasikudah

The City of Singing Fish – Baticaloa

Located in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka, surrounded by lagoons and vast sandy beaches, Pasikudah is a place full of incredible charm  and amazing  beauty. So much  to see … so much to do…and so much to feel… therefore it’s impossible to explore Pasikudah  in a day…


Batticaloa Lagoon (2 hours away from Pasikudah)

For a perfect tropical holiday experience, you’ll  surely be wanting a lagoon. Warm and shallow, with stunning scenery all round, they’re just good for the soul. If you’re after a holiday in the sun this is your place.

The splendor of  Batticaloa district is its 3 lagoons. Batticaloa lagoon is the largest one. Life in and around the lagoon is full of discoveries. Wildlife, nature, breeze, boats, fishermen,…Spend time on or around the lagoons to understand and enjoy its unusual life.

Batticaloa Fort (50 minutes from Pasikudah)

A visit to the Old  batticaloa fort, will give immense joy to  the people who love historical places. It was originally built by the Portuguese in 1628 and later captured by the Dutch. The beauty of Batticaloa and its famous lagoons can be viewed  from this fort. The fort lies on one of the many islands  off Batticaloa .

Kallady Bridge (50 minutes from Pasikudah)

Built  in 1924, the oldest and longest iron bridge in Sri Lanka now lies unused next to a new bridge that opened in recent years. . The Kallady Bridge is also known for being an ideal location to hear the famous  singing fish of Batticaloa.

Batticaloa Light House (50 minutes from Pasikudah)

In Batticaloa,  you will find  Batticaloa’s Muttuwaran Lighthouse, built in 1913, although narrower than most of the other lighthouses in Sri Lanka, it  offers a fantastic view of the endless sea,   if you are brave enough to handle the narrow ladder climb that takes you to the top.

Batticaloa Gate (50 minutes from Pasikudah)

Battcaloa gate  is an important landmark situated on the shore of the lagoon, one kilometer away from the ocean. The Batticaloa Gate is a monument which was used as a port to connect the town called Puliyanthivu (island) with the mainland of Batticaloa. This is believed to have been the landing site of Rev William Ault, who was the first Methodist missionary to Batticaloa, in 1814.

Polonnaruwa  (1 hour and 30 minutes away from Pasikudah)

The kingdom of Polonnaruwa ruled by ancient Kings,  some 800 years ago, was an  important commercial  and religious center. The glories of that age can be found in the archaeological treasures that still give a very  good idea of how the city looked in its prime. You’ll find the archaeological park a delight to explore, with hundreds of ancient structures ,  tombs , temples, statues .

Whale watching (2 hours and 15 minutes away from Pasikudah)

North east is a great destination for  whale-watching . Blue whales in particular can regularly be seen around six to eight nautical miles east of Trincomalee (about 30min by boat), Dolphins (mainly Spinner) are also regularly seen. Most sightings occur between March/April and August/September, as whales continue their migrations around . Sri Lanka offers around ten months of continuous whale & dolphin watching annually at different points around the coast.

Sea sports (5 minutes away from Pasikudah)

Love sea sports?  The options are endless….  A boat ride with  a fishermen, a diving session  or a sailing trip on Passikudah bay.. exploration of the coral reef… Here are some options for you to explore sea and lagoon at your rhythm! Ready ? Got your camera,  sunscreen and the cap. Lets play. Passikudah and Kalkudah Beaches are perfect spots for bathing, safe swimming and diving.

Explore the beachers (5 minutes away from Pasikudah)

Bordered on East side of Sri Lanka  by the Indian Ocean,   Batticaloa  is  one of the  ideal place for those who are in love with magnificent oceans , gifted  with around 120 kilometers of sandy beaches and numerous fishing villages. You can enjoy a truly calming walk along the most famous beaches in the district which are Passikuda and Kalkuda beaches.