Pickles That Tickle Your Taste Buds – A Popular Dish In Sri Lanka

Achcharu (Pickle) is a very popular dish in Sri Lanka. Specially during the April New year season and during special functions. There are numerous versions of Achcharu’s available around the country. All consist of an assortment of vegetables and can be made in variety of ways.

Sri Lankan Pickle (Sinhala Achcharu)
A must on the tables of every special occasion in Sri Lankan homes. Made of Carrots, Beans, Green chilies , Small onions mixed with a paste of vinegar , mustard, Turmeric Powder and salt , this spicy and mouthwatering, Sri Lankan achcharu (pickle) will spice up even a modest meal.

Malay Pickle
A gift from Malaysians to Sri Lankans, now this is a permanent fixture in any celebration menu. Looking exotic & colourful and at the same time it charms you taste buds with explosion of flavours from sweet to hot with a hint of pleasant sour note. The sweet flavor of the Malay achcharu comes from the natural sweetness of the dates, which are blended with garlic, vinegar, mustard seeds and pepper flakes to make a thick sauce with which the vegetables are coated.

Lunu Dehi, as Lime Pickle is popularly known, is a vital part of Sri Lankan cuisine and even culture. It had been an old method to preserve the excess of mature limes harvested during the seasons. The limes used for Lunu Dehi are those that have turned yellow from ripening. The other main ingredient, an excess of salt crystals that the limes are stuffed with, act as the preservative. The raw lime taste is avoided by prolonged drying in the sun ideally till its moisture content is removed and the core of the limes acquire a white coloration. While methods of preparation can vary, along with ingredients used and their quantities, drying in the sun is an essential step. A bottle of Lunu Dehi can last as long as five years, the longer, the tastier!

Green Papaya Pickle
Its made using peeled and seeded semi ripe papaya cuts and Turmeric Powder, salt, red chili powder, lime juice, fenugreek ,mustard seeds, and Crushed garlic added to them . Salt and spices can be varied according to individual taste. Having let the mixture sit in the bowl for 5 hours it can be transferred to the air-tight container and store it in a cool place. The longer it gets stored, the best taste it will acquire.