It’s Magical and it’s Romantic but it’s not a myth

Its magical and its romantic …..but its not a myth…………

Batticaloa is known as the “Land of the Singing Fish”.  Not all fish spared across the globe can make sounds, hence the Singing Fish of  Batticaloa is very special…

The musical sounds are said to be  most frequently heard in the Kalladi Lagoon on Full Moon days. If one goes to Lady Manning Bridge, the biggest bridge in Batticala, located at Kallady, one can clearly hear fish “Singing” deep under water.

People of Batticaloa will  instruct that you  go by boat, plunge an oar into the water, put the other end of the oar to one’s ear, and surprised and be enchanted

Since the 18th century, Tamil fishermen have claimed to have heard this  mysterious music of the singing fish of the Batticaloa lagoon . But, during  thirty years of civil war, restrictions and curfews made it impossible to visit the lagoon at night. Gradually the people of Batticaloa became disconnected from their ancient cultural symbol. Very few have heard the aquatic music, and many started believing that  it’s a myth. “Singing Fish”  Is not a myth but a solid fact ,  acknowledged in Encyclopedia Britannica in 1967.

Their melodious sounds can be heard from the Kallady Lagoon near the Lady Manning Bridge between April and September