Visiting Minneriya National Park

During a single day you can easily collect a bundle of unforgettable memories. The magnificent view of a majestic elephant alone, would leave you with a sense of elation… it wouldn’t immediately hit you, as you gradually see the elephants groups come to the water by groups of 5 to 20, but soon you can make out more than a hundred elephants, dominating a landscape filled with water buffaloes and dozens of wetland bird species.

Remarkably diverse and strangely beautiful, the Minneriya National Park is one of Sri Lanka’s many national parks. The landscape varies wildly throughout the park, ranging from moist wetlands to dry forests, making this park an ideal dwelling for a huge array of different animals.

Located along the Elephant Corridor, a route that connects Kaudulla and Wasgamuwa National parks, this park sees hundreds upon hundreds of these majestic creatures every year as they make their migration in search of some food. From May to October, and particularly in August and September, elephants flock to an area of just a few square kilometers to drink from the Minneriya tank.

Minneriya national park is located 182 kms away from Colombo, in the North Central side of Sri Lanka. The city closest to Minneriya National Park is Polonnaruwa.

During the dry season, herds up to 300 elephants are seen within a few square kilometers of the vast Minneriya Reservoir. This Elephant Gathering is a spellbinding vision that would be remembered for rest of the life of all those who were fortunate enough to witness it. 24 species of mammals and over 170 species of birds have been noted here and out Of the 25 species of reptiles have been noted.

Safari tour in Sri Lanka is an ideal way to relish the magnificence of the island from one of the many spots available for such activity.