A Mesmerizing Place on a Remote Mountain

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Cool dark waters of Lake Sembuwtta, a heavenly beautiful lake of natural spring water which is one of the major attractions in the hill country. Set amidst a widely spread tea gardens, Its calm, cool environment is one of the most charming you could find in the area. Rising above the lake are the beautiful green mountains with a thick pines forest where you can take time to climb up. Beside the lake, there is a pool with natural spring water, there are summer huts and cottages around this magnificent lake…and you will be amazed to find how calm, quiet and peaceful the environment around lake Sembuwatta.

Sembuwaththa Lake is nearly 170km from the capital city of the Island, Colombo and 22km from Matale town. The lake is located in the Elkaduwa tea estate. The travelers have to pass the hard turning yet totally alluring roads between Elkaduwa town and Sembuwaththa Lake.

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The totally magnificent beauty of dark blue waters, with faraway misty mountains and tea estates, create an atmospheric, in which you feel that you want to be lost in your own world and envision all the remarkable things you’ve experienced during your life’s journey.

Hunas waterfall and the Hunas falls hotel are somewhat near the lake where you can extend your visit. As there are no shops around the lake, you have to arrange your food and beverages before you start to climb up. Sembattuwa Lake is a place which is worth enough to travelling.