A spicy journey in Sri Lanka

The use of spices is the soul of Sri Lankan cooking. Let’s take a spicy journey and discover what are the main spices used in Srilanka and how they can be used to enhance the flavour of srilankan meals.


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Cinnamon or Kurundu in Sinhala, is a sweet and strong tasting fragrant spice. It comes as a stick or powder. It’s great in meat dishes such as mutton, beef, pork and chicken and also vegetable curries and to flavor rice. Cinnamon is also popular as an exotic flavour addition to bread and sweet dishes like cakes, cookies and pies.


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Cardamom or Enasal in Sinhala, is used as flavoring in sweets, drinks and desserts such as Wattalapmam. Its fragrance is very special and goes well with every curry and add great flavor to many different rice dishes.


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Coriander which is called Kottamalli in Sinhala, is available in the form of dried seeds, powder or fresh leaves. The powder is used in curries, sambar, and rasam. Chopped coriander leaves are used as a garnish, in biriyani or to add flavor to potato or vegetable salad.


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Cloves or karambunati as they are called in Sinhala, have a strong taste and aroma and should not be used in excess. Cloves are used to flavor biriyani or yellow rice and in fruitcakes and many sweets.


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Suduru in Sinhala, It is great for biriyani and meat dishes to enhance aroma and flavour and can be used whole or ground. Along with coriander it is one of the most essential ingredients in preparing curry powder.


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Called Uluhal in Sinhala, It is sometimes roasted to reduce bitterness and to enhance flavor. It’s a must in preparation of Potato curry, dhal curry and kirihodi.

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