Fascinating Riverston gap and water falls around it

The windy gap which leaves you in a sense of elation,  is one of the most fascinating places  in the country. Sometimes it’s misty and sometimes it’s windy and sometimes it’s raining too. The change of weather in a slit second gives the traveler an  awesome  experience. The greenery is overwhelming and the view is so amazingly beautiful. Reversion gap is therefore a must visit place.


The Water falls around Riverston ……

  1. Raththinda ella

This waterfall is situated at Pitawala village in Riverston. It is a water fall  of three parts and clearly visible to surrounding areas like Pitawala Pathana, Maningala. There is a foot pathway towards the middle part of the cascade from Pitawala village. Once you come to the middle part you can go to upper and lower parts of the fall. There is a nice foot pathway which goes along a private land to connect with other side of the waterfall.

  1. Sera ella

Sera Ella   is one of the  widest waterfalls in Knuckles range. It’s about 35m width. A Bird species called “Seru” are here to give the name ‘Sera Ella’, This beautiful Sera waterfall fall is situated in the Dumbara Jungle that is split into two sections, both 10m in height.. Sera Ella can be called  the queen out of all the beautiful falls in the area . Furthermore there is a nice foot pathway to the waterfall.

  1. Bambarakiriella

This fall height is around 3m and set amidst  the enchanting green forest of the Knuckles mountain range. A suspension bridge crossing the falls adds more beauty to already scenic view. This waterfall can be found at Bambarakiri turn of Matale. It is fairly popular place. It has two waterfalls as Maha-Bambarakiri Ella and Punchi Bambarakiri Ella.

  1. Pathana ella

This 75m tall waterfall is situated at Pitawala Pathana village. Origin is Pathana Dola.. After making Pathana Ella/Fall and Kandi Ella/Fall it joins with Puwakpitiya Ganga. Anyone can observe the full flow  of this waterfall flowing down from Pitawala Pathana to Puwakpitiya village.

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