Beautiful Huluganga falls

Beautiful Huluganga Falls is a waterfall located at Huluganga Town, about 30 kilometers away from Kandy Town.

Situated at the border of Knuckles forest reserve, there’s a small town called ‘Madulkale’. It is a popular destination of many travelers who seek an undisputed experience of waterfalls. Since the town is situated very close to Knuckles, streams which are originated in the heart of the forest are flowing through this town.

Easiest way to reach this place is by starting from Katugastota. From there, path towards Wattegama should be taken through Madawala road. Just after passing Madawala town, right turn towards Bambarella is distinctly shown. Thereafter, it takes about 1 hr. (21km) to reach Madulkale town.

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Huluganga Ella Falls (75m in height) is one of many waterfalls created by the stream originating from the Knuckles mountain range. The cascading water sprinkles the villages of Elliyadda and Aratthana, before flowing to the Victoria Reservoir. It is popular with both local and foreign visitors and villagers regard it as part of their Dumbara heritage.

There are lots of rocks on the river and even on the rainy days the water does not get muddy because of rocks, grass and plants. A dam had been built across the top of the fall under the Kundasale Water Supply Scheme. This waterfall became a well-known sight some years ago as this fall was a primary location for one of the most popular Sri Lankan tele dramas “Ella Langa Walauwa” ( Mansion by the Fall).There are number of waterfalls in this area which can be visited in a single trip.