The Market That Never Sleeps

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This is the place that keeps a once sleepy town awake all night long and active all day through. Its gates never get closed, except on full moon Poya days.

It is the place that keeps a once sleepy town awake all night long and active all day through with its hustle and bustle.

Dambulla Economic Centre, which was opened in 1999 by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga, has become the most well-known centre of vegetable dealings in the island.

In Dambulla, day begins early, in fact long before the sun awakes Sri Lankans in other parts of the country. At about 3 AM in the morning, the calm, still environment of Dambulla is broken by the sounds of lorries entering the market. They mostly come from Jaffna, bringing fresh supplies, comprising of red onions, carrots, beetroot, ladies’ fingers, potatoes and pumpkins, and many more. The lorries turn into their assigned sites at the centre.

The Dambulla Economic Centre complex is made up of three huge shelters. Two rows of shops margin each shelter, leaving a large ground area to hold the cargo of vegetables and fruits brought in. The immediate front area of each shop is exclusively reserved for the shop’s own stock of the day.

One major difference between Colombo’s Manning Market and Dambulla’s Economic Centre is that here, the shop owner is not a seller but merely an agent, of the seller. His job is to enable the transactions for which a standard  commission is charged from the seller on the revenue.

If you wonder what is grown and sold in Sri Lanka, have a stroll in this market. You’ll find all types of fruits and vegetables here, cleaned and packed  for transport. Also watch all traffic in and around the market as everybody will come to this market at least once a week in Dambulla. Every day, plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits are offered on the market. The harvest from the surrounding fields and villages is brought in to the market for distribution to the rest of the country. It’s an unusual and interesting place to visit, as you can see how local farmers sell vegetables and how Sri Lankan wholesale market working

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