A Much-Loved Traditional Sri Lankan Dessert

Traditional Sri Lankan Dessert-Dambulla Hotels-Amaya Lake

When it comes to desserts and sweets, Sri Lanka has a selection that will leave lasting memories. From curd and treacle to watalappan, and other traditional sweetmeats which include dodol and all-time favorite unduwal, Sri Lankan sweets and desserts are available for grabs at almost every eatery you walk into.

Whether you are restaurant-hopping looking for various local dishes or looking for a unique fine dining experience in finest five-star Colombo hotels be sure to speak to the chefs for a taste of the local favorite which is curd and treacle.

This ever-loved traditional Sri Lankan sweet treat, mee-kiri or  buffalo curd eaten with the traditional kitul palm treacle is one of Sri Lanks’s most popular and well-known desserts, sold by street vendors, or served at grand wedding buffets in Colombo hotels, religious feasts or festivals.

The process begins with Buffalo milk, which is brought in from village farms in large metal containers  to the curd maker’s home where it is poured into wide-mouthed aluminum containers for boiling over wood fire. At one stage, wood is hauled out in an attempt to drop the temperature and prevent the milk from boiling over. Once the milk has cooled down to room temperature, a few spoonfuls of the previous day’s curd culture are mixed into the fresh milk to inoculate the new batch and start fermentation, which usually takes about six hours.

The national pastime (and the highlight of many tourists) is eating this delectable dish – with treacle. Kitul Peni (in Sinhalese) tapping has a 2,000 year old history in Sri Lanka. Both men and women participate in kitul tapping and then making delicious treacle.