Dandu Monara was the mythical aircraft of King Ravana of Sri Lanka. Ravana is a legendary figure who emerges in Sri Lankan and Indian folklore. It is said that the ten-headed emperor, who was also known as the demon king, ruled over the ancient kingdom of Lanka more than 4,000 years ago. While there is no archaeological evidence to show that King Ravana existed, many believe the existence of the king. Dandumonaraya is said to have been used by King Ravana to travel among countries under his command. Ravana was famed to have owned many flying vehicles for air travel.

According to the legend, the Lakegala Rock is the location of the capital of the kingdom of King Ravana. It is also said that Ravana met Princess Sita, the queen of Rama, beside this rock. Most believe that Lakegala is also the place where King Ravana flew his Dhadu Monara, which he used to capture Sita from India.

Further it is believed that there are two cities in Sri Lanka which are believed to be the Airports used for the “Dandu Monara” landing and takeoff.

Ravana was said to be a competent Dandu Monara pilot, and the most memorable use he made of this flying machine and his skill was to kidnap the beautiful Sita, the wife of King Rama in the ancient Bharatha, or what is now India, and bring her to Sri Lanka. where it is believed she was kept at Sita Eliya in the cool hills of this country.

In Sri Lankan mythology, these aircraft were also called vimana; in Sanskrit, the word vimana is composed of “vi” (the sky) and “mana” (measure). Ramayana in Lanka states that the term vimana was used to refer to airborne chariots that crossed long distances through the skies. The Indian epics and our own local legends speak of Ravana’s fascination with these aircrafts.

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