An Ideal Place To See Local Life – The Kandy Market


Kandy Market Hall is a public municipal market which is close to the clock tower in the centre of the Kandy city, which is approximately twenty minutes away from Amaya Hills, one of our Hotels in Kandy.

The market is spread over two floors with a small courtyard in the center with landscaped gardens

The market is an ideal place to see local life… Downstairs is where locals buy their goodies; if you are a visitor, you will find loads of fun in chatting to the vendors and examining their wares. It’s a market which sells absolutely everything… They want to do deals and they want to sell… their faces will fall if you show no intentions of buying…

Upon entering, you will at once, notice all sorts of sweets for sale. Then comes the fruits and spices part! Wet fish, dried fish, meat, vegetables and spices! All sorts of dried food items.

Upstairs is more for buying clothes, shoes, medicine and crafts. Many of the clothes in the US are made in Sri Lanka, so you can get a good deal on branded clothes.

You’ll hardly be able to pass a single stall without an invitation to buy.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t want spices, or an extra pair of shoes, the vendors will be on the attack and it’s likely that you will end up loaded with lovely things that you really don’t need.

…and yes… you will be walking away feeling happy….

Stay at one of our hotels in Kandy, and visit the Kandy Market to get a glimpse of authentic local life.