The Stunning Beauty of Calido Beach


The beautiful beach is still… The sun is blinding as it gradually appears, rising like a yellow ball on the distant horizon. As the sun slowly starts to appear, a new day unfolds. Soft waves lap against the shore. Seagulls pounce down from the sky hoping to catch a prey. The endless golden sand stretches out as far as you can see, waiting patiently for people to leave foot prints. Giant swaying coconut palms fringe the land. It’s a little heaven – just another lovely day breaking on stunning Calido Beach.

The beach is on a spit of land extending between the sea and the bay of Kalu River in the district of Kalutara, just half an hour from Colombo City yet it is somewhat unspoiled, and has been lesser known until recent years. Having gained its name from the Spanish word for ‘warm’, this sunny beach is filled with the cries of fishermen during the evening, as they bring in their boats.

Nowadays beautiful hotels, inns and restaurants have sprung up down the border to serve the increasing numbers of tourists and locals who visit the area. Our very own The Villas Wadduwa is among the nearby Hotels in Wadduwa, and is located approximately twenty minutes away from Calido Beach. There are also places that sell kites, volleyballs, etc. Visitors love to go swimming, and engage in other similar activities.

Other things to see and do in the area include the giant Kalutara Bridge over Kalu River and the Kalutara Bodhiya, which has the largest hollow stupa in the world.

The other most popular attractions of the area include the boat tours on the nearby Kalu River, and visits to coconut plantations.

With all these attractions nearby, Calido beach with its beautiful deep golden sand, is definitely a fun place to visit.

Stay at our nearby Wadduwa Hotel and arrange a visit to Calido Beach.