The Brief Garden

The Brief Garden - Kalutara - Beach Villas in Sri Lanka

Among all the fantastic places to see within easy reach of Kalutara, the Brief Garden always reaches the top for its sheer elegance and unusual beauty.

The journey through paddy fields and wilderness, feeling the clear and crispy breeze, will certainly make you feel that you are in a beautiful world full of calm and peace. To get to Brief Garden, you have to pass Mathugama and reach Dharga Town. From there you will see yellow signs saying ‘Brief’, but as everyone knows this place, it’s easy enough to ask directions, even if you miss noticing the signs. There’s no public transport to this place.

Brief Garden Sri Lanka
Source: Stay In Lanka

Bevis Bawa (26 April 1909 – 18 September 1992) was a Sri Lankan artist. He was also one of the most renowned landscape architects in Sri Lanka. He was the eldest son of Justice Benjamin William Bawa, a wealthy and successful lawyer, of Muslim and English parentage, and Bertha Marianne nee Schrader who was of mixed German, Scottish and Sinhalese descent, Bevis’s younger brother was Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003), regarded as one of the most respected and influential Asian architects of the twentieth century. Bevis created the garden by spending years and years, transforming the rubber plantation he inherited, into the lush and enchanting place that it is today. He began cultivating the space in the late 1920s while serving in the army and continued up until he died at age 89 in 1992.

This extraordinary grounds are a lovely place to get lost. The house, which used to be the home of Bevis Bawa, has a distinct range of artwork on display. The garden has a forbidding gate that is covered by plants of all sorts and once you enter the green area, you’d find iconic sculptures in every corner – from monsters pouring water out of their mouths to beautiful angels holding up flowers.

If you want to experience one of the most honoured retreats in Sri Lanka, you must not forget to visit this absolutely stunning place.

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