What To Take From Sri Lanka?


Your trip is coming to an end…and its time to think of buying gifts and what to take back with you. It’s the hardest part unless you know where to go or what to look for. Here are some ideas on “what you can buy” and “from where”.

1. Tea: You must have consumed the finest Sri Lankan tea during your stay. Why not buy a few packets of Sri Lankan tea to take back home with you? If you are staying at a Colombo Hotel, there are many tea shops conveniently located in the vicinity. If you visit some places like Mlesna tea centers, Ceylon Tea supermarket, Ranfer Tea shop, you will be able to buy some finest quality tea.

2. Spices: Sri Lanka is a country where people liberally use spices to enhance the flavor of cooking. By now you must have tasted many Sri Lankan dishes – why not take some spices with you and try making a Sri Lankan dish to surprise your friends back home? You can buy spices in spice shops like McCurry showrooms, Spice Island or by visiting a supermarket.

3. Gems and Jewelry: Sri Lanka’s pride… Sri Lanka produces some of the world’s finest gems. People around the world wear gems in accordance with their zodiac sign, as a cure for some diseases, and it is believed to have a positive effect on your life. Why not take a nice stone on a white gold setting or a tiny pendant with a beautiful silver chain or beautiful little ear studs? The choice is yours…

4. Colorful Handloom Dresses: They are different… They are vibrant… They will add colors to your life. Select a few Sri Lankan handloom dresses or a bed spread or hand mat to take home with you.

5. Crafts: Brassware, wall hangings which depict Sri Lanka and small Ivory elephants are some crafts that you can take home.

6. Masks: Masks come in various sizes. Used in traditional dancing ceremonies, they are a part of Sri Lankan life. A few miniature masks will definitely be a different kind of gift for your loved ones.

Many Hotels in Colombo have their own gift shops inside them – make sure to pay a visit to these for some valuable souvenirs and gifts.