Sri Padaya (Adam’s Peak) – a Magnificent Creation of Nature

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

The climb to Sri Padaya or Adam’s Peak Mountain in Sri Lanka’s hill country is just a magical experience. It’s a magnificent creation of nature that has been respected for centuries. The sunrise here is absolutely spectacular. To witness this breath-taking site, you will have to start the climb at midnight and continue it all night long to be there by dawn. People of all ages in Sri Lanka climb the Adam’s Peak Mountain as a yearly pilgrimage, and they never get enough of this amazing experience. Visitors to Sri Lanka admit that it could be the most amazing sunrise view in all of Sri Lanka, or perhaps even in all of Asia….

The top of the mountain has a huge “footprint”. The Buddhists of Sri Lanka believe that it’s the footprint of Lord Buddha’s left foot. The Hindus claimed that the footprint belonged to Lord Shiva. Its English name – Adam’s Peak – stresses the belief of the Muslims and the Christians that it’s the first place that Adam set foot on Earth after leaving Heaven.

All these legends make it all the more exciting for visitors of this amazing place…

Adam’s Peak has become a significant pilgrimage place for several faiths, resulting in large numbers of locals making the 5,000-stair climb to the peak at 2,243 meters (7,359 feet) over 5 kilometers, during the months of November to May along a well-lit path. During off season which is from June to October, the area is usually cloudy, rainy and misty and the place is isolated yet some adventure lovers opt to climb Adam’s peak during off season, mostly during day time.

Access to the Adam’s Peak is possible by 6 trails: Hatton-Nallathanni, Ratnapura-Palabaddala, Kuruwita-Erathna, Murraywatte, Mookuwatte and Malimboda.

The view of sunrise from the peak is magical. All sense of community wash over you as you wait for that anticipated moment of the sun appears over the hills.

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