Nalanda Gedige – a Fascinating Fusion of Buddhist and Hindu Architecture

Nalanda Gedige-Dambulla

Why do we find Nalanda Gedige so fascinating and so mysterious? Located close to the cities of Matale and Dambulla, this site has mystified viewers with its strange mix of Hindu and Buddhist architecture. Believed to be constructed in between 8th to 10th century, the structure was rediscovered in 1893.

This fascinating archaeological site, Nalanda Gedige is a located in Nalanda, between Kandy & Dambulla and its considered to be the centre of Sri Lanka. Nalanda Gedige is designed like a Hindu temple with a mandapa, an entrance hall, a short passage, and an ambulatory round the holy center. There is no sign of Hindu Gods today, and the temple is said to have been used by Buddhists.

Being a very scenic place in the middle of nowhere, away from all the touristy crowd, you can soak into the atmosphere in peace. The place is really calm and quiet. There is no ticket fee to enter for tourists or locals.

Two and half sides of the stone temple is covered by water of the Nalanda tank/lake. The monument has been shifted from its original location due to the hydro power project carried in the bordering lake.

It is a quiet, peaceful and lonely place and one could stay for a long time for relaxation, beating in the beauty of surroundings.

Nalanda Gedige is located approximately an hour away from our Dambulla Hotel, Amaya Lake Dambulla. Make sure to ask for an excursion upon check-in.