Wind Surfing in Wadduwa Waters

Windsurfing in Wadduwa

One of the advantages of being on an island like Sri Lanka is that you have water all around you and beautiful sandy beaches to match, where you can enjoy water sports such as Wind Surfing, Jet Ski riding and diving, all year round.

Wadduwa, a charming city conveniently located on Sri Lanka’s Southwest coast, between Colombo and Galle, offers uncrowded beaches for those who are looking for a calm and serene destination for their summer holiday. It’s an ideal holiday destination catering for couples, families and singles alike. Safe swimming conditions combined with fun water sports and exciting excursions make Wadduwa an ideal background for a relaxed holiday in Sri Lanka.

There are many other advantages of selecting Wadduwa. Only 40 km (1 hour) from Colombo and 87 km away from Galle (1 ½ hours) along the Southern Highway, Wadduwa offers easy access to numerous tourist attractions between Colombo and Galle.

It feels awesome to be out in nature, especially on the ocean….

Being out in nature can be a healing experience, and this is never truer than when you’re out on the ocean. Feeling depressed? Hit the waves….

Wind Surfing in Sri Lanka

When we go into the water, we leave our sorrows out… That’s why surfers feel that they have the best mood in the world while on the wavers. Wind Surfing in Sri Lanka is a sport that helps us to release the hormone of happiness. Recognized by the international surfing community, Sri Lanka is a popular destination for water sports, whether you’re an expert or a beginner, looking to ride the white stuff for the first time.

Even if you are not an ardent fan of skiing, the beautiful unspoilt beaches of Wadduwa offers something for everyone. Warm ocean water offers an ideal opportunity to play in the waves and the golden sandy beach is stretched out for you to relax and enjoy the nature.

Try out wind surfing in Sri Lanka while staying at our Luxury Villas in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka.