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Sri Lankan Sweetmeats-Must Try Food
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Some delicacies you must try during your holiday in Sri Lanka

Sweetmeats and special dishes are an important part of the Sri Lankan culture. While they have come to be identified as part of the annual festive Sinhala & Tamil New Year, some of these food items are also prepared to celebrate special occasions. Here are some sweetmeats prepared in Buddhist and Hindu households which you may want to try during your visit to Sri Lanka.

Konda kavum

Konda Kavum - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Konda Kavum (or oil cake) is also an all-time favorite of many. It is prepared from rice flour and sweetened with sugar or preferably treacle. Making konda kavum is an art. Firstly, a scoopful of batter is poured into a sizzling ‘thachchiya‘ or wok of hot oil, getting the perfect shape which requires patience and skill.


Pani Walalu - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Undu wal (or Pani Walalu) is Deep Fried Coils of ulundu dal & rice flour blend, soaked in sugar or treacle syrup. This is a favourite sweet among Sri Lankan children. Pani walalu is a very sweet food, especially seen during Sinhala & Tamil New Year Season. The shape of some Unduwal may not be perfect, but that won’t be a problem for the taste. Of course it’s not the same taste when you use sugar syrup instead of treacle.


Asmee - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Asmee is another traditional Sri Lankan recipe. Lots of skills are involved in the preparation of Asmee too.

Kalu dodol

Kalu Dodol-Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Kalu dodol is a sweet dish. The type of dodol that is popular in Sri Lanka is the dark and sticky dish consisting mainly of kithul jaggery, rice flour and coconut milk. Kalu dodol is a very difficult and time-consuming dish to prepare yet exceptionally scrumptious.


Walithalapa - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Very “easy-to-make” sweet, walithalapa is prepared in two step procedure. The first step is to prepare Pittu (rice flower and coconut mixed and steamed ) and second step is to mix that with Kitul treacle and spices.


Milk Rice - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Rice cooked in thick coconut milk. Specially made for special occasions such as New Year celebrations, weddings etc. Kiribath served with Fish Ambulthiyal and Seeni Sambol is an all-time favorite of many Sri Lankans.


Kokis - Sri Lankan Sweetmeats
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Kokis is a very traditional Sri Lankan dish that is made by deep-frying a batter of rice flour and coconut milk. It’s very crunchy, thin and crispy. Kokis can be made anytime, but it is very popular during mid-April for the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year.

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