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Maldives Luxury Resort Amaya Kuda Rah

The Maldives is extraordinary as a holiday destination because of many unusual things to do whether you are staying in a Maldives’ 5-star resort, or in the capital Malé, or in a simple guesthouse in an island in a faraway atoll. Entertainment and daily excursions are organized at every resort so any one can easily join. Excursions will include fishing and cruising as well as visits to the world’s smallest capital, Malé, and to deserted islands, perhaps for swimming and a picnic, and shopping expeditions to neighboring inhabited islands.

If you stay in a guesthouse on an inhabited island, you will have the chance to meet Maldivians, experience local culture and cuisine, and join in what the islanders do for relaxation, such as playing football in the late afternoon or relaxing over a soft drink and eating “short eats” in a seaside café.

You will be able to organize fun activities for yourself, like going on dhonis. Don’t expect too much during your visit to Malé – some love it and others hate it, but if you want a chance to see local life in the Maldives, this is where the action happens. There isn’t a whole lot to see in the capital so you can easily finish your visit in a couple of hours, but it will really be a different experience being in a different place which gives you different feelings…

The capital of Malé has all kinds of charm – narrow streets, a mixture of shops, new and old apartment blocks and office buildings. You can visit the main market, getting absolutely authentic Indian Ocean aromas, betel nut, freshly-caught fish, fruit, vegetables, tins of everything, fabrics and probably everything you can think of. When you reach Malé’s main waterfront walkaway and boat harbour (with its brilliant blue waters), you can see a constant shuttle of village ferries and resort launches heading to and from Malé Atoll’s countless islands.

The Maldives National Museum is not a very impressive building, however it contains a good collection of historic objects that serve to trace the unusual history of this extraordinary place.

The artificial beach…a sweet little crescent sand beach, has been crafted from the breakwater and that’s where locals can swim and enjoy a day on the beach. There’s a whole range of fast-food cafes nearby.

Get down with the locals and tuck into Maldivian snack food. While super-spicy tuna curry tops the menu, cafes offer tasty short eats or snacks, to get you over the afternoon. Order up on maas roshi (little tuna and coconut patties) and kaashi bokibaa (coconut, rosewater and palm sugar balls) and many other titbits.

Stay at Amaya Kuda Rah, and experience a genuine heartfelt welcome at one of the finest Maldives luxury resorts.