5 Wonderful Things To Include In Your 2-day Trip to Kandy

Things to do in Kandy
Image: Visit Sri Lanka

When you visit Kandy, a charming city surrounded by mountains, you will begin to experience a feeling that no words can describe. Filled with cultural glory and scenic beauty, this is a perfect location to spend your holiday at… To set you on your path to discover the hidden treasures, here are some of the magnificent places and things in Kandy to witness and do during your stay.

A must see sight in Kandy is Kandyan Cultural Dancing. There are several places that perform cultural dancing shows.

Watching Kandyan Dances

The Kandyan Dance is traditionally performed to the beat of a drum called “Gata Beraya”. To back the dancer to maintain the rhythm, a very small pair of cymbals known as the “Thalampota” is also used. Traditional lyrics are sung in tune with the movements of the dancer.

Dancers ornamented with rattling anklets, elaborate beads, rattling bangles, fascinating headgear and colourful flowing costumes, perform stunning high jumps, while drummers pounding out heart-thumping tribal rhythms. A Kandyan dance performance captures the imagination by connecting audiences to their tribal roots.

As you enjoy your trip to Kandy, you might want to make a note of one of the most stunning waterfalls in Kandy that truly reveal the wonders of nature.


Kandy is the location for number of most stunning waterfalls. One which simply cannot be overlooked is the breathtaking Hunas Falls… Hidden in the little village known as Elkaduwa, which is situated about 22 km away from Kandy town, you will find this wonderful creation of nature. No matter what type of holiday you are looking to enjoy, you can rest assured you will enjoy a very peaceful and relaxing experience here. (Enjoy a leisurely visit to the waterfall while staying at Amaya Hunas Falls, the best honeymoon hotel in Sri Lanka)

Even though you don’t intend to buy, a visit to one of the many Gem Shops in Kandy, will definitely dazzle you.

Gem shopping

In addition to being known as the Spice Island, Sri Lanka is also referred to as the Island of Gems. Indeed, some of the most famous and beautiful blue sapphires in the world come from the mines of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is blessed with over 70 varieties of colored stones out of the 200 found in the world and is among the five most important gem-bearing nations. A visit to one of the many Gem shops located in Kandy will leave you feeling dazzled.

Step back in time in a beautiful and tranquil church.

A visit to St. Pauls Church

The splendid Anglican Church emerges all the mystery and majesty of a medieval abbey, sharing a boundary with the Maligawa. This is probably the only terracotta brick building from the British times.

There is something so attractive about wondering aimlessly in a City, taking it all in…

Aimlessly roam in the streets of Kandy

Kandy is a World Heritage site. Stretching your legs here will give you a wonderful cultural experience you’d expect in such a setting. It is also very peaceful to have a walk; you can do it under a shady walkway around the Kandy lake, or in the streets. In the town you will come across many restaurants and malls.