A Great Fishing Holiday in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

Fishing in Wadduwa-Hotels in Wadduwa

With numerous rivers, countless lakes, and reservoirs, and of course with the great Blue Ocean surrounding it, Sri Lanka is an ideal holiday destination for those who love water adventures. For this reason, Sri Lanka is now beginning to become a hotspot of inland and deep sea fishing holidays.

Inland fishing in Sri Lanka can be arranged at any time of year due to the calmness of the water on inland waterways and reservoirs located around the island. However, as with all sea-based activities, deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka is dependent on the season, with western and southern coasts accessible from November to April and the east coast being more suitable from May to September.

You can choose to fish near the beach itself or go deep out to sea in a motor boat. All safety jackets, rods and bait, and other equipment will be supplied by tour operators in the area. Fishing tours in Wadduwa can be arranged on a day basis or as part of a longer itinerary.

Your experience of fishing in Sri Lanka can be a relaxing day of catching fish in a calm river at morning or dusk, or it can be the excitement of going out on a larger boat to the deep sea and helping catch the big fish. Inland, you would catch smaller freshwater and brackish water fish, while in the deep sea, you will be able to catch larger fish such as grouper, tuna, barracuda, and several others.

Sri Lanka’s oceanic waters are known to contain the nutrients and the temperatures for the best tasting fish to breed, while the local population’s use of spices and herbs in combination with recipes handed down over the generations make seafood dishes in the country taste even better.

Fishing in Wadduwa
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Wadduwa is a small and beautiful beachside town situated close to the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. It is adored by many as an ideal holiday destination because of its long, sandy beaches, Wadduwa is located near many tourist attractions yet not crowded allowing guests have a more relaxing experience. Fishing in Wadduwa is a great tourist attraction and the fish markets in Wadduwa allow local fishermen to sell their catches.

Stay at one of our Amaya hotels in Wadduwa and visit the fishing villages in Wadduwa to get a glimpse into the aquatic lifestyle of the people of this island nation.