A Coastal Train Ride for the Budget-Conscious Traveler: A day trip from Colombo to Wadduwa by Train

Coastal train rides in Sri Lanka
Image: Go-Lanka

A train trip is a part of day-to-day life and nothing out of the ordinary for Sri Lankans. During peak hours, trains are packed with people who commute to work. But travelling in a “not-so-luxury” Sri Lankan train can be a “must-have” experience for visitors to Sri Lanka. Even though you might choose to stay in luxury hotels in Colombo, here’s an alternative that you should not miss. If you’ve pre-planned a day at the beach, you can head over to Wadduwa after rush hours, during which trains are not crowded.

Located only 33km away from Colombo, a train ticket to Wadduwa will cost you no more than Rs.35.00 in a 3rd class compartment, Rs. 60.00 in 2nd class and Rs. 120.00 in first class. You can take the 8.45am Maradana to Kalutara train from the Colombo Fort station. The ride is no more than an hour long, yet gives you a perfect opportunity to witness the life of common folk of Sri Lanka.

If you get to Fort railway station early, you can try a snack and a cup of tea at a small café right outside the railway station. Not only tea, the busy life around the station will awaken your senses on a weekday morning.

Once you get to Wadduwa around 9.45am, you can hail a tuk tuk to get to a place to spend your day. There are many resorts and hotels in Wadduwa for you to make your pick. The Villas by Amaya is an ideal place for you to relax in Wadduwa, even offering luxury villas with plunge pools. It has got a large swimming pool and offers a fantastic beach view.

Knowing that mouthwatering food is on offer, you can walk over to the beach and either chill out or have a leisurely swim in the sea. The sea is calm and quite inviting. The options are endless. You can laze around the massive outdoor pool or embark upon a truly fascinating expedition to nearby towns and cultural landmarks, each detailing a unique portrayal of Sri Lanka’s southwest coast.

Head over to the main restaurant for quality Sri Lankan cuisine from the à la carte menu and savour exquisite dishes. Take in the beauty of a tropical paradise as you unwind at the bar or just cool off with some revitalizing king coconut water from the pool bar.

After lunch you can head back to the sea till about 4pm. The last train heading back into Colombo leaves the station in the evening. Again, a ticket will cost you the same amount. You’ll be back in Colombo before dark.

Wish you a happy beach experience and a wonderful train journey..!