A Few Ways to Experience Local Culture During Travel

Sri Lankan Local Experiences
Image: Best of Lanka

The best thing you can do to experience local culture during a travel is to dig deep into the roots of the place and explore the culture, tradition and heritage of that country. Traveling in this way will be a more colorful and vibrant experience. This can be done in a number of ways, by learning art, literature, and nature, but at its essential you should always be interacting with the locals…

Even if you’re a female or solo traveler, Sri Lanka is a relatively safe place to explore. It won’t be uncommon for locals to invite you into their homes and introduce you to their family with open arms. One of your most memorable moments can be travelling in a local bus and watching the local way of life. The people really do make a place in your heart. Sri Lankans are some of the most genuine, warm and welcoming people.

Take a Local Cooking Class

Best experience of life comes through what we eat. An excellent way to dip your fingers into a culture is not just by eating out in top class restaurants or 5-star hotels in Sri Lanka, but by finding a cooking class run by locals. Most resorts in Sri Lanka arrange cooking classes for visitors. Talk to your travel agent and when you are in the country, you’d be surprised how many people would be delighted to have an evening of exchanging traditional recipes and cooking tips with a stranger!

Going Solo

Another good way to dip yourself into a culture is to travel alone. This way, you become more open to new experiences and you begin to say yes to things that require you to step outside your comfort zone. You’ll find that, when alone, the cultural borders that may usually prevent you from reaching out to people or starting conversation, will become less of a deal. Of course remember to be safe throughout your journey, and try to reduce travel anxiety before leaving.

Take Public Transport

Like mentioned earlier, by taking public transport, you are automatically opting for a more diverse experience than you would gain from taking a taxi directly from one place to another. Why not choose to see thousands of faces from many different walks of life rather than just one? In doing so, you will also have to walk a bit more, and will have to face some inconveniences, but there is no better way to get to know a place.

Embrace Everyday Activities

You will never forget the time you tried to buy something at a Sri Lankan grocery store, or the time you tried to find your way in the middle of nowhere. Each of those things will soon turn into a complete comedy of errors, even the dull day-to-day chores become interesting when you’re overseas, because every country has its own quirks in the way that everyday things are done.

Yes, you should take a break from taking selfies in front of tourist landmarks and start exploring beneath the surface…!

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