World's End Sri Lanka
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A trip to Nuwara Eliya will give you an opportunity to explore stunning locations of Sri Lanka’s hill country. When you think of what to see in and around Nuwara Eliya, there is place that you should not miss to include. Sri Lanka is an ideal place for going on countless hikes. The way to World’s End is one of them…

If you are looking forward to a trek which offers magnificent views along the way and finally take you to one of the most stunning destinations in Sri Lanka, then Horton’s Plains must definitely have a place in your travel itinerary.

World's End Sri Lanka - Visting World's End
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Everything there is so peaceful and beautiful, your camera will not have a moment of rest. Walk through mist-covered grasslands, green forests and countless streams. The only sound to be heard is that of the wind or bird’s singing, and the environment will make you feel you never want to go out of this peaceful world.

The area has amazing bio diversity and you can observe nearly 750 species of plants, 24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, 09 species of reptiles and 08 species of amphibians.

View from World's End Sri Lanka
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The major attraction at Horton Plains is called “World’s End” – the trail will come to a sudden end at one point, from where one can see the world stretch out to all eternity.

If you visit the place later than 10 AM all you may see is a white wall. The early morning (between 6am and 10am) is the best time to visit, before the clouds roll in. That’s when you’ll see towns as if they are toy towns, tea plantations, villages in the valley below, and a magical view towards the coast.

Stay at our one of our Nuwara Eliya bungalows and arrange an excursion to hike to World’s End Sri Lanka for an experience of a lifetime.