Meemure – a place far from modern day civilization

Meemure Sri Lanka
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Visiting Meemure is like going back along the time tunnel. Hidden away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day sophistication, this isolated and unspoilt village is located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka, hidden amongst a beautiful range of mountains. East of the village lies the pyramid shaped Lakegala Mountain, while the west is bordered by the picturesque Knuckles range. The northern boundary of Meemure is a forest which spreads to the ‘Pita Wala Pathana’ grassland, and the south is bounded by Heen River. This beautiful near-isolated village has got some fabulous natural pools and waterfalls, magnificent mountain views and green paddy fields.

The only way to reach Meemure is from the ‘Hunnasgiriya’ mountain, which is a part of the Knuckles range, approximately 50km from Kandy. It’s a difficult trail with amazing views.

Meemure in Sri Lanka
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The village has a population of approximately 400. The design of the village is one of the main uniqueness of Meemure. The villagers build eco-friendly homes using clay and dried grass (Illuk) which lasts for several decades. The village receives water, plentiful in the form of waterfalls that have their sources in the thick forests of the Knuckles.

Transport to Meemure is another story. Till about a decade ago herds of cattle carried sacks full of salt, clothes and a few of other supplies to the village. Due to the simple life style of the villages, their requirements were few. But with the success of modern technology, the tracks have been widened to allow vehicles.

Visiting Meemure Sri Lanka

Nowadays some of the villagers earn their living by taking care of jaggery palms, which produce toddy and treacle and the village now has one tiny shop where the locals buy necessities such as salt and sugar, and the village has no cable telephone or mobile network signals. The villagers don’t have direct mail delivery to the village and have to go a long way every day to exchange incoming and outgoing post with the postman.

Meemure is becoming a place visited by outsiders owing to its exceptional natural beauty and unsoiled traditional Sri Lankan styles.

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