A Few Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit During Your Trip

Tips To Stay Healthy and Fit During Your Trip
Image: Pixabay

There is no need to leave your good habits behind when you get away from it all.

A vacation can do wonders for you, reducing your stress levels and making you feel wonderful and exhilarated but it also can disrupt good eating and fitness habits, making you return with extra kilos. It is difficult to stick with a workout program or healthy meal plan when away from home. Traveling doesn’t have to make you entirely abandon your healthy habits. You can still fit in exercise time when away from home, whether you find yourself in a warm or cold climate.

Eat When You’re Hungry and Don’t Overstuff Yourself

It sounds easy, but on travel, many of us have gotten out of the habit of paying attention to whether we’re truly hungry as we are on a “It’s a vacation” mindset. Eating opportunities and celebrations are plentiful when we are vacationing. Vacations make us most vulnerable to eating even if we aren’t hungry and not stopping when we are full.

Keep the Mini Refrigerator Key Hidden

This may sound funny but make that little refrigerator in your hotel room your enemy. If it’s filled with all sorts of beverages and candy, hide the key as it can only lead you to consume so much unnecessary food even making a dent in your finances.

Make Water Your Friend

Keep your system going by drinking plenty of water. Traveling can dehydrate you, and so can being out in the sun more than your body is used to. If you can, stock your backpack and hotel room with bottles of water. Bring water everywhere you go.


For a unique sightseeing opportunity plus a cardio session, have bike tours when possible. By doing that you’ll get to see everything at a faster pace, while burning extra calories. For those heading to resorts and hotels in Pasikuda and other beach towns, there are plenty of options for burning calories.

Make Use of the Hotel’s Fitness Center

Plan ahead and pick a hotel that has a fitness center where you can actually workout. If you don’t, or don’t have time to use it, your room can be your fitness center. Have a quick 10 minute workout daily during your trip. All 5-star hotels in Colombo offer this feature but a lot of resorts in Sri Lanka also have a well-equipped fitness centre for  their guests.

Wake Up Early

Many of us will wrinkle our noses at this habit during a vacation. But overeating and over-sleeping will most definitely leave a negative mark on your body.

Mix Workouts and Sightseeing

One of the fun ways to stay healthy when traveling is to mix exercises with sightseeing. Its fun to get out, get active and see new places in an active way. There are plenty of travel packages which combine Bick rides, tracking and hiking.