A Feast with Veddhas

Veddhas of Sri Lanka
Image: Sri Lanka Best Tours

Many visitors like to discover the native people of Sri Lanka. A perfect place to observe Veddhas (Sri Lankan Aborigines) is their last remaining village of Dambana which is located a few hours drive from Kandy. You will be delighted to see the unfamiliar vision of Veddhas with an axe hanging from their shoulders, and with one look at them you will start thinking that nothing has been changed during the hundreds of years that have passed. It will be fascinating to have a glimpse of the lifestyle of them.

Dambana, a nice jungle village, is situated close to Mahiyanganaya. The Sri Lankan Veddha people are still living in this jungle village. Veddhas of Dambana have their own traditions and culture. They have their original language. It is known as Veddha language and is different from Sinhala language.

According to Veddha language they will call you as kakula (boy) or Kakuli (girl). “Pojja” is a word used frequently. You can watch traditional Veddha dances and listen to their traditional songs. The traditional dance of Veddha, which is used to obtain blessings of their gods is called Kiri Koraha.

Source: leolandtravels.lk

Dambana is famous for bees’ honey and Veddha’s traditional food. Veddhas used bows and arrows to hunt about 40 years ago till Sri Lanka prohibited hunting, so they are not using bows and arrows to hunt now and depend on cultivation.

Animism is the original religion of Veddhas. Most distinctive features of Veddha religion is the worship of dead ancestors.

Until fairly recent times, the raiment of the Veddhas was remarkably scanty. Men and boys are dressed in only of a loincloth suspended with a string at the waist, while women and girls are,dressed in a cloth that extended from the navel to the knees. Today, however, Veddha attire is more covering and rapidly being changed.

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