The Best time to Visit Sri Lanka

Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka
Image: Pixabay

Sri Lanka is an island of immense beauty. It is one of those destinations that can be visited at any time of year. Located near the equator, Sri Lanka enjoys a great tropical climate. Choosing the best time to visit Sri Lanka is quite complicated and will greatly depend on your requirements such as which parts of Sri Lanka do you want to go, are you mainly going for beaches and wildlife, or one of Sri Lanka’s festivals, or you want to take advantage of low season discounts and avoid tourist crowds.

Sri Lanka has a two monsoon seasons, so deciding the best time to visit Sri Lanka entirely depend on which parts of the island you are visiting. Luckily for travelers this means that there is always somewhere on the island with good weather at any time of year.

The beautiful small country has a rather complex climate conditions. The southwest monsoon, which mostly affects the southern and western coastal line, falls from May to September. This is the best time to visit the northeastern parts of the country and enjoy surfing beaches like Arugam Bay. From December to March, the monsoon rain affects the North Eastern parts of the country, so it’s the best time to visit the southwestern areas, and go on whale and dolphin watching tours or visit national park filled with wild animals including elephants. April to June attract massive crowds to beautiful hilly areas like Nuwara Eliya.

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Temperatures remain fairly steady all year round, but you will see a big differential between coastal resorts (Upper 20s to mid 30s) and the high hill country (up to 20 degrees Celsius).

Despite all these forecasts, rain is extremely unpredictable, Sri Lanka has great weather and bad weather at the same times of different years.

April is a very important month for the Sri Lankans. Sri Lanka celebrates New Year on 13th and 14th of April. The whole month has a festive vibe. If you visit the country in April, you will be able to experience the interesting Sri Lankan culture at its best.

If you are planning to visit Sri Lanka in July or August, make sure you schedule your trip to include the day of the Esala Perahera in Kandy. Esala Perahera is a pageant with traditional Sri Lankan dancers, drummers, jugglers, elephants and much more. This festival is held for 10 days in July-August. However, the festival dates change from year to year.

To get maximum enjoyment from your trip to Sri Lanka, a little planning goes a long way. Knowing the weather conditions can help you adjust your schedule to place you in the best place according to your preferences.