A few facts you should know before traveling in Maldives

Things you should know before traveling in Maldives

Maldives is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of a chain of 26 atolls and is one of the most geographically-detached countries.

The country is well-known for its gorgeous sea, magnificent white sands and fun-filled water activities. There are various islands and Maldives luxury resorts that cater to every budget and activity needs.

Travelers can simply sunbathe on a beach or go diving and snorkeling to see the coral reefs. Maldives offers amazing vacations for those who love the beach and exploring the underwater world.

Dazzled by the beauty of the country, people often overlook some important facts when planning their Maldives holiday. Most visitors will arrive at Male, the capital of Maldives not knowing that airport transfer is very expensive in Maldives. Therefore you must check how much the transfer cost to your hotel is as most hotel rates do not include transfer which can be very expensive.

There are 2 common ways to reach the resorts, speedboat or seaplane.

For hotels located close to Male, you can go by speed boat. For hotels which are located far from Male, seaplane transfers are required. Seaplane transfer approximately cost USD350 to USD450 for a return trip per person. So not only do you have to compare hotel rates, you will also need to check transfer fees.

Most hotels are located on their own private islands hence it is the only hotel on the island. A very long stay will make a visitor bored easily as islands are remotely located.

Since an island has only one hotel which is the one you are staying at, all your daily meals will be eaten at the same hotel therefore food adventures are limited unlike traveling in a big city.

Some travelers to Maldives prefer to forget about the outside world and be totally “disconnected”, but some others need to be connected during holidays. Some resorts offer free Wi-Fi services and others charge for it. Be aware of that before you plan your budget.