What will be your best choice? Package Holidays or Independent Travel?

Package Holidays or Independent Travel
Image: Pixabay

A big advantage of package tours is that they take don’t require much planning. You just need to find a deal that suits your requirement and budget, online or at a travel agency located in your area.

All you will have to do is to pay for a deal that includes flights, accommodation and transfers. Sometimes you can get packages with all meals included. A package suits best for a longer holiday of one or two weeks.

Once you have booked the trip you will not have to stress your head thinking of planning, and all you will have to do is to pack and go to the airport and fly to your destination. It’s as nice and easy as that.

A package holiday is also great for families, especially those who travel with children as it will take the pressure off organizing everything.

Package holidays will include excursions and other activities available from your hotel hence you don’t have to pre-plan or spend time deciding where to go and what to see.

Most travelers find a package holiday a lot more relaxing than booking independently but an independent holiday too has its own advantages.

When you book independently you will have to find flights, accommodation and transfers yourself and then make everything fit together and you will have many kinds of hotels, apartments and many other accommodation types to choose from which can help with different budgets. Whether you are looking for luxury hotels in Colombo or bungalows in Nuwara Eliya, you would need to do the research and sift among the endless options and find the most suitable property for you.

If you will only be at the destination for a short period, then booking everything independently often makes sense. This would also be a good option if you were travelling around multiple destinations, backpacking.

If you book everything independently you can keep looking until you find what works best for you. You would have to find and arrange transport yourself but then this will give you more options for exploring any destination according to your wish. Generally you will have a lot more flexibility for what you get.

A negative side of booking everything independently is that you will have to do a lot more planning and research and it will be less relaxing.

However some people find independent travelling, fun and challenging.