Arthur’s Seat: Kandy Viewpoint

Arthurs Seat - Kandy Viewpoint - Hotels in Kandy
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Regarded as the highest point in Kandy, it is an absolutely breathtaking spot which gives a high angle view of the magnificent city. It’s so relaxing that you would want to sit and watch the fascinating view below all day. It isn’t far from the lake, just around walking distance. They have built a proper place to view the gorgeous scenery. It’s a place you should go with a camera so that you can capture gorgeous photos and videos.

Kandy Viewpoint - Arthurs Seat - Hotels in Kandy
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Arthur’s Seat is located southwest of Kandy Lake and is just 20 minutes away from Amaya Lake, one of our hotels in Kandy. If you like a long walk it is not really a difficult task or you can hail a taxi or tuk-tuk to the top of the hill. Straight past the wooden sign at the edge of the hill, you will spot Kandy Lake. To the left, you will see the great White Buddha monument, and miles of hillsides spread-out just beyond where you stand.

There are some cultural paintings & crafts of the Kandyan kingdom sold in view point. The Arthur’s Seat area is full of street vendors selling arts and crafts. They can be quite persistent in their attempt to sell visitors wooden Buddhas, postcards, or books. Most are willing to negotiate prices.

Arthurs Seat - Kandy Viewpoint Sri Lanka
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