The Winter Market of Nuwara Eliya

Winter Market at Nuwara Eliya
Image: Explore Sri Lanka

The Nuwara Eliya Winter Market or the Bale Bazaar… Whatever you call it, it’s an amazing place. The best thing about it is that they sell winter clothes all year round.

Bale Bazaar Sri Lanka
Source: TimeOut

Right in the center of Nuwara Eliya town, you can see this little bazaar which sells all sorts of winter garments. In every corner you will be stopped by eager vendors waving brightly-coloured garments trying to attract buyers.

You will be a little put off by the piles of garments or by the disarray of everything. The initial impression can be a little alarming. But you should not be discouraged. What may seem horrifying and dirty at first might bring you to a great bargain.

Once you get used to the place and have gone through piles of clothes, you will definitely want to buy at least one piece. You can leisurely browse through an array of designer labels, all sold at a fraction of their original cost. A designer cardigan, ordinarily costing over $350 can be purchased for a mere Rs. 500. Don’t laugh, it’s true.

Bale Bazaar Nuwara Eliya
Source: Sri Lankan Beauty via Flickr

People go to winter market or bale bazaar to buy warm clothes but there are trays of shiny gold and silver jewelry too. You can cut a good bargain on these as well.

If you happen to go to Nuwara Eliya, you should not miss to go take a look at Bale Bazaar, the Winter Market. Bale Bazaar is located less than 30 minutes away from our Nuwara Eliya Bungalows – our helpful team will assist you in arranging an excursion.