New Sigiriya Museum

New Sigiriya Museum Sri Lanka
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This is not at all a traditional kind of a museum, therefore a visit to this amazing place will be quite a refreshing experience. Built with the aid of the Japanese, this is not a typical museum you see in every major city.

This place exhibits beautiful architecture, showing green sections among the trees. Large trees on site were not cut to build the place but the museum was designed around them.

The building – offices, museum, open air theatre and atrium covering 50,000 sq ft are on stilts, making allowance for any flooding from Sigiri Oya.

New Sigiriya Museum in Sri Lanka - 1
Source: The Architect

A visit to the new Sigiriya museum is interesting, inspiring and intellectual.

Each gallery would make sure that the visitor has a nice contact with different aspects of the past. The museum and the excavated gardens will give a different feeling than visiting the Lion Rock.

This exquisite place should be included in the travel itinerary of every visitor who comes to Sigirya to visit the Lion rock.

New Sigiriya Museum in Sri Lanka
Source: The Architect

You should not miss to go take a look at the New Sigiriya Museum. The New Sigiriya Museum is located less than 30 minutes away from our Dambulla Hotels – our helpful team will assist you in arranging an excursion.