Saradiyel Village Theme Park in Mawanella

Image: Daily FT

The Saradiyel Village theme park is located in Mawanella about 2km away from the Colombo – Kandy highway. About 6 acres of area has been used to create this 19th century traditional village. Built with cement, skillfully-built statues make you feel they are really alive. Tour guides here are doing an excellent job of explaining the Saradiyel story step-by-step.

Robin Hood of Sri Lanka or Soora Saradiyel of Uthuwankanda is a great character, over centuries providing hundreds of stories. Most of these stories are proved to be based on true facts. Large number of local and foreign tourists visit the place to see the legends brought back to life.

Saradiyel Village Theme Park in Mawanella
Source: Nishantha Perera via Flickr

Entrance fee is Rs.100 for a local visitor and takes about 1-2 hours to complete the visit. The souvenir shop is also full of traditional equipment. Food is also available.

Saradiyel took to robbery, later becoming a notable outlaw in the district and distributing his stolen items amongst the poor villagers. History reveals that Saradiyel was very strong despite being small-made. He possessed many skills.

He was known to be athletic and possessed a very sharp mind. Many times after he was captured, he managed to escape. This sharpness of mind he maintained till the time he was captured.

Saradiyel  was a hero to the villagers of his area. People were moved to tears at the time of his death.

The Saradiyel Village is located approximately an hour’s drive away from one of our hotels in Kandy, Amaya Hills. Our helpful team at the hotel will assist you in arranging an excursion.