Aluvihare Rock Cave Temple

Aluvihare Rock Temple Sri Lanka
Image: Starron Tours

Aluvihare Rock Cave Temple in Matale is a major tourist attraction as well as a shrine dedicated to Lord Buddha. Aluvihare is the place where the oral teachings of Buddhism (Tripitaka), were written into Pali on palm leaves.

Located 3km north of Matale and surrounded by huge rocks, the temple is easily accessible from the main road. This monastery is a charming site with caves, religious paintings, and stupas. The Aluvihare rock cave temple is worshiped by both Buddhists and Hindus. There is a small museum at the entrance which you can view within a short period.

According to legends, a giant used three of the rocks as a base for his cooking pot, and the name Aluvihare (Ash Monastery) refers to the ashes from the cooking fire. You can see the Buddha images and frescoes used to decorate the large caves of the temple. There are lots of steep stairs to the caves.

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Aluvihare temple has had to face many challenges like King Kalinga Magha’s invasion; hence the temple premises had to be repaired from time to time.

When you to the top of the stairs you will get a nice view of the surrounding valley. When you look to the hillside above you’ll see a huge seated golden Buddha statue.

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