A Few Etiquette Tips for a Hotel Stay

Etiquette tips for hotels

We all make mistakes without even realizing it. It’s highly likely that you too could be making etiquette mistakes at your hotel without realizing it.

Here’s how to create a pleasant hotel experience for you and for those around you.

Be polite to the staff. Don’t yell at them just because you are a guest in the place they work for. Don’t threaten them with bad reviews on the internet over every minor issue. That’s not only impolite but also emotional blackmail. Be nice. Say hello as you walk past them. They are there to serve you but they too are people, and they will feel happy and relaxed if you are courteous to them.

Don’t let your kids run around in common areas disturbing other guests. It’s true that you are there on a vacation during which you expect to relax, but so are the others. You must always keep your kids in control while you are relaxing.

Treat all the furniture and fixtures in the room with care. These are not your personal belongings, and you must leave them as you found them. If something is broken or doesn’t work, contact the front desk and let them know it right away. If you wait till checkout day to inform such issues it might seem like it was broken by you and lead to unpleasant issues.

Say hello to fellow hotel guests. If they don’t greet back, you can leave them alone. Smiling, saying “please” and “thank you,” and having a positive attitude will show your good manners wherever you are. Everyone at the hotel, including staff and other guests, deserve your respect and kindness.

Be respectful of the cleaning staff that come to clean your room. Remember that they have a whole lot of rooms that need to be serviced, so don’t slow them down by keeping them waiting. Don’t get into a personal discussion with the housekeeping staff. If possible, leave the room when the cleaning staff arrives letting them finish their work freely.

You know very well if you use the minibar you have to pay for it. If you can’t afford it, and still feel you might not have any control over your temptations, ask the hotel staff to remove everything from the minibar as soon as you arrive, as that will definitely save any confusions or temptations.

If you have valuables it’s your duty to keep them in the hotel safe. Don’t be neglectful and later blame hotel staff for stealing your stuff.

Be as quiet as possible when walking down the hall to or from your room. If you need to talk with someone, use a soft voice. Remember that noise echoes in hallways, and the sound may be disturbing for other guests. Try to refrain from making notices in the hallway after 10:00 PM and before 8:00 AM and try to keep your kids as quiet as possible.

Don’t throw everything in the room garbage. If you put private information or any other items you don’t need the world to see, you will be worrying about it later. Being concerned about it in advance will save you unnecessary worry and embarrassment.

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