Staying Healthy During Air Travel

Staying Healthy During Air Travel

Long hours of air plane travel is no fun. But then the holidays are coming and you have to fly for the destination of your holiday. The end of the year is colder and it’s the “flu season”, hence, it is wise to take steps to stay strong and healthy during your flight.When you fly you have greater vulnerability of being sick due to being in a confined space with a large number of people, and low cabin humidity. On a plane, your risk of catching a cold may be higher than on the ground, therefore it’s wise to think about strengthening your immune system before your flight.

You have to think of managing your health before your flight and not only during it. It’s important that you maintain wellness, whether you are traveling for a long or short time.

Start maintaining your health before you travel

You can’t travel when you are sick. The stress of travel can worsen any illnesses you already have. If you have anything contagious, you will pass it to others as well. A little cold can become worse and develop into a more serious respiratory illness unless you take care of it soon. If you have a broken limb and are wearing a cast, talk to your doctor about it. One simple measure is to get good rest before you travel.

Start eating well some time before your travel

Change your diet focusing on wholesome healthy food well in advance of your trip. Do not eat food that you are not too familiar with or which you think might give you indigestion problems. Eat healthy before the flight and on the plane. You should also avoid processed food and fatty food, particularly in the days leading up to the flight. A well-nourished body is less vulnerable to infections.

Try your best to avoid alcohol before your flight

Dehydration makes it easier to pick up illnesses, and drinking alcohol leads to dehydration. Avoid alcohol on the plane and even the day before you fly. Try to drink plenty of healthy liquids instead.

Avoid sick people before your trip

Avoid people who may be contagious before your trip and wash your hands often with soap and water after visiting public places and public toilets.

Find some healthy snacks

It’s better to avoid eating any junk food in the airport or airplane as this weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Pack easy-to-digest nutritional food. If you are prone to motion sickness consider getting some medicine to control the condition and healthy crackers.

Comfortable attire

This is one of the most important factors but one which some people tend to overlook. Wear comfortable shoes for comfortable walking in the airport. Don’t wear new shoes which might give you painful shoe cuts. Make sure that you select loose comfortable clothing for the flight. Nothing gives you more discomfort than a very tight pair of trousers or tight-fitting tops on a long distance flight.

Leave with a relaxed mood

Before you travel, sleep well. Eat a healthy meal. Drink plenty of water. Cope with your stress. And leave for your flight with high spirits.

Have a wonderful flight…

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