Much-Loved Egg Hoppers

Egg Hoppers - Sri Lankan Recipes

On a trip to Sri Lanka, you will most definitely discover hoppers. A dish that you will love so much that you start ordering it at every opportunity. A hopper is a thin, delicate, circular thing cooked in a pan called hopper pan or “appa thachchiya” in Sinhala. It can be served with fish or meat curry, sambol and fried onions called seeni sambol , making a delicious breakfast or dinner. Hoppers are considered a staple of Sri Lankan cuisine and can come in many forms.

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To make the hopper, you mix rice flour, coconut milk, yeast, and sugar, then leave it to ferment overnight. To enhance the effect, chefs sometimes add a bit of carbonated water. Nowadays instant hopper mixtures are available in supermarkets. You just pour it in a hopper pan and cook over fire until it turns golden.

An egg broken in to the hopper makes it even more amazing. Just as the batter is starting to cook, you break a whole egg over it and cover the pan. Within minutes you have a delightful hopper with a savory egg at the bottom. The popular breakfast is served by both top class restaurants and street vendors.

How to make Egg Hoppers - Sri Lankan Recipes
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In almost every star class hotel in Sri Lanka, among the options of English or American breakfast buffets, it’s not uncommon to see egg hoppers smiling like sunflowers waiting to be picked and satisfy your taste buds.

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