A Fascinating and Mythical Place: Rumassala

Image: Ramayana Tours

A place of sandy beaches, coral reefs and a magnificent forest, located just outside Galle harbor, this fascinating and mysterious place is wrapped in so much folklore. It is oddly out of place from its surroundings, making it a mystery which is still unsolved.

According to a fascinating legend, during the battle between the Indian King Rama and King Ravana of Lanka, Rama’s brother Luxmana was injured and Hanuman the Monkey God was sent to the Himalayas to fetch a medicinal herb. Hanuman forgot the exact name of the herb, therefore, he removed a part of the Himalayan Mountain on which the plant was said to grow. However the mountain fragment slipped and broke into five pieces. One fell to Rumassala and formed a mountain. Many medicinal plants still grow on Rumassala showing a big contrast to the surrounding areas. A temple and statue dedicated to Hanuman can be seen in Rumassala carrying forward the legend.

Source: Villa Bay Watch

On top of the hill there is a large Buddhist dagaba popularly known as the peace pagoda. A walk around the peace pagoda provides magnificent views of Galle bay, Galle town and Dutch Fort providing a glimpse of the life in the beautiful coastal town of Galle. Faraway-seen sailing boats, the magnificent turquoise ocean, calm greenery of Rumassala mountain, and distant shadowy figures of humans will give you a strangely odd feeling.

The forest is home to many species of birds, reptiles and mammals. Groups of monkeys can be seen playing on the trees invoking the memory of the legendary Monkey god Hanuman.

The entire Rumassala area including both the forest and coral reefs are now protected as a sanctuary due to its treasured biodiversity.

Rumassala is located approximately 4.5 hours from Dambulla and Kandy. If you are staying in one of our Kandy Bungalows or Hotels, you can speak to our team about arranging an excursion.